SGRL – Digital Family Album

If you have found this page, you may have attended my recent presentation at the South Georgia Regional Library about creating a Digital Family Album.

As I do the presentation all week, I’ll work on improving this. So, I’m glad you’re here — but come back next week when I’ve got this right.

Before you get started — get some headphones or earbuds (The reference desk offers a pair for $2)

You Can Watch the SGRL 2013 Presentation

But here are some of the important links that we discussed:

Story Corps
(Watch the great story of Astronaut Ronald McNair checking out a book at the library)

How to Use Windows Movie Maker (In the Library)

Online Video Editing Software
– YouTube
– WE Video
– Loopster
– Shot Clip

Online Audio Editing Software
– Soundation
– AudioTool

Online Photo Editing
– Photoshop
– Pixlr   
– AVIARY (app)

Thumb Drives- SGRL offers 2 GB Thumb Drives for $5 (Check the Reference Desk)
– Get two (2) 16 GB Drives from Amazon for $12
– I showed the 8 GB drive I got from Wal-Mart for $10

Cloud Storage
– Dropbox       Start w/ 2 GB free online storage
– Google          Attached to your G-Mail/YouTube accounts
– CloudOn      Microsoft Product tied to some corporate e-mail accounts

Available Music
– Vimeo Music Store
– Free Public Domain Music
– Public Domain 4 U

Distribution- WordPress     
– Storify             
– Tumblr           

This is the proverbial tip of the iceberg. All of these options can lead you to new and exciting ways to share your family’s story.

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