VSU Presents …. Gareth Jones

VSU Presents Gareth Jones…

Lots of things going on, but at the top of my list is bringing my friend from Hollins University, GARETH JONES, to Valdosta State Unviersity to talk about Sundance. Gareth has worked with Sundance over the last decade doing all kinds of things – including currently logistics.

He’ll be on campus at VSU April 23rd at 7 pm talking about the history of Sundance and how students can get involved now. Gareth is a great guy, and we’re all looking forward to this.

Here’s the Facebook Event – https://www.facebook.com/events/1433928986845962/


ONE MORE THING!! If you’ve been making work regarding the WV Chemical Spill — the West Virginia International Film Festival wants to hear from you!! Catch them on Twitter @WVIFF

Be well & stay in touch

jason / @WVFilmmaker


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