Last Minute Gift Ideas — Give WV Film!

When ever possible, I try to promote my friends and those people I care about. As I find myself gathering up items to give to those I love, let me give some suggestions on how you can brighten your loved one’s day – and support West Virginia Film.

– Watch some WV Films
While I remember buying tickets for me and my girlfriend to go see PARADISE PARK at the Capitol Center Theater, you don’t have to leave your couch to see some great WV Films.
Troma has released 100’s of films to YouTube including – INVASION OF THE SPACE PREACHERS
   Mike Lilly’s classic film CORRECT CHANGE is now available on YouTube or Mike’s personal website.
The transformative documentary BURNING THE FUTURE is available on YouTube (with a subscription to Docurama)
I’ll post more as I run across them. PLEASE comment with suggestions

– Go See WV Films
Out of the Furnace spent some serious time around Moundsville shooting … and the trailer looks like it. Go see it!

– Buy WV Films
I could go on forever with this one – but I’ll try to stop at 20 (10 by WVians & 10 with WV connections)
1 – LADYBEARD by David Smith
2 – Angel’s Perch by JT Arbogast
3 – The Christmas Tree Miracle with Kevin Sizemore
4 – Greatest Movie Ever Sold by Morgan Spurlock
5 – Porkchop by Eamon Hardiman
6 – Battle of Local 5668 by Shawn Bennett
7 – The Deposition by Eddie Mensore
8 – Paradise Park by Danny Boyd
9 – The Pledge by Kristin Seibert
10 – Burning Annie by Van Flesher

11 – Matewan  by John Sayles
12 – October Sky based on Homer Hickham’s Rocket Boys
13 – We Are Marshall 
14 – Super 8 shot in WV
15 – Night of the Hunter  set in WV
16 – Still Bill about Bill Withers from Welch
17 – Bubble shot in WV
18 – Win a Date With Tad Hamilton shot in WV
19 – The Rain People shot in WV
20 – Buckwild Season One  was shot in WV

– Make someone a member of the WV Filmmakers Guild –
Most places in West Virginia there’s literally a mountain between future filmmakers and their dreams. The WV Film Guild does a lot of things – promote its filmmakers, provide fiscal sponsorship to apply for grants, etc – but the greatest thing it has ever done for me is put me in contact with other WV Filmmakers. For $25 you can support all WV Filmmakers, or you can give the gift of membership to someone you know that would like to one day become a member.

Support the WV Humanities Council –
By far one of the most important organizations support film in West Virginia is the WV Humanities Council. Your support of them is support for WV Film

– Go make West Virginia Film
No matter where you are now, if you’re a West Virginian born and bred – your movies will show it



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