Adding to the world of IMDB

One of the things I love is seeing my IMDB page. There are too many Jason Brown’s for me to enjoy Googling myself, but I love my IMDB page.

A long time ago I found even more excitement in adding other people to IMDB. If they worked on a film I made or – more importantly – they had a film in a festival I was associated with. I spent hours and hours putting in films when I worked with the Carolina Film & Video Festival. Giving recognition to people is important. And it made our festival there in Greensboro feel BIGGER!

Over the years, I’ve made a point to add people who screen at the WV Filmmakers Festival, my students TV shows, and anything else that I possibly can.

Apparently I wasn’t the only person who enjoys the IMDB love. While IMDB isn’t like Wikipedia – anyone can add information, but their editors verify most of that information….and there’s been quite a backlog of verify actual events. So much so that you couldn’t add any more events.

Suddenly the calculus of entering a festival now included will winning even show up on IMDB? Maybe not. I was telling a festival director recently, “Hey, winning your festival is more important than just winning – IMDB recognizes your event and not others.”

Well, that is about to change again. IMDB has begun to re-open their event listings. You can now request to have your event added to their all important database. Ironically, IMDB has garbled the link to address this several places on their website. The correct link is:

So, go add your event to the IMDB world. Spread some recognition for all that you’ve done and all that others do. Just remember – you can add me as a Thank you credit any time.


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