Inspiration on the mountain and other Angels’ perch

With less than 72 hours before our film MIRACLE BOY screens at the Minneapolis-St.Paul Film Festival and then the West Virginia International Film Festival, I should be spending my time telling you why I need to see you on Summers Street, about all of the available street side parking, the easy walk to the theater or how we would really appreciate it you purchased a photo book, poster, script or DVD.

But I’m not going to do that….right now.

Instead, I am reminded that West Virginia is a wonderful place just to make movies. My friend David Smith keeps making them, including his wonderful new film LADYBEARD which is screening at the Appy Film Festival in Huntington tonight at 9 pm at the Keith Albee theater….buy a dvd.

But what I wanted to share today was J.T. Arbogast’s story…literally. He and Kimberly Dilts made a “real live” movie in Pocahontas County last year and I can’t wait for people to see it. Those people include me. But before everyone sees how wonderful their film ANGELS PERCH is, J.T. is the internet version of a four-leaf clover. He actually used crowdfunding to help raise the money to make the movie. Like a lot of us filmmakers, he read the books and listened to the gurus and eventually one of the “guru’s” had him on their website to talk about how he used what he learned. So, here is J.T. and Kimberly on the Film website talking about how they were able to raise the money and make a movie in West Virginia.

I’m told there are more and more people interested in investing in WV film. While film is always a risk, JT is proven its viable and can return so much beyond the initial investment.

See you in West Virginia.

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