UNCG – In the back of the slideshow

UNCG - holding up the end
As one of the featured photos on my alma-mater’s web page, it was nice to find me in the back holding up the end of the jib.

In the midst of updating this website, I found myself doing some self-“googling”. Wondering around the internet, looking at some old haunts, considering days gone by.

As I tried to remember what UNC-Greensboro had changed their department name to … away from the trusty Broadcasting & Cinema, I think it was… I discovered they had not changed the website name – uncg.edu/bcn.

And all of the wonderful photos scrolling across the website – – from my wonderful graduate co-hort. After the likes of talented cinematographer Seamus Mulligan-Ferry, globe trekking Joseph Brandon Johnson, wonderful writer Michael Blair and Adem Weldon, I spot my dear friend Karishma Gurtu carefully composing a shot — while this guy mans the other end of the jib in the background.

I know they have used that photo before, usually they appropriately crop me out of it.

ps – Congrats to Cindy Hsieh, soon to be UNCG grad and forever Mountaineer, featured on the right hand column under student stories.

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